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Classy Cut Benefits

Shop with Classy Cut for we insist on providing the best of service and goods that are ethically sourced, rich in design and style, pure and value for money. Our emphasis on customer delight makes us go the extra mile for them.

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Certified jewellery

Every item in our collection is third-party certified for quality and purity assurance. Classy Cut holds the rights to reserve the said third-party.

Experience in trade

You stand to benefit from our decades of experience in the business. Since 1924, we have ensured we sell the finest jewellery to our customers. Over 90 years and counting, glowing reviews from industry experts and customers stand for our competence.

Secure shopping and delivery

Your payments are always secure on Classy Cut. We follow the best practices to assure you a worry-free online shopping experience.Once a shipment is processed, we e-mail you the tracking link; the link is not shown on the website so your details are secured.

Value for money

An exclusive offering that you get with Classy Cut. When you buy from us, you can be assured you are paying a fair price. We also ensure that you get the best value for your money with our jewels offering you the best prices in the resale market.

Traditional Expert

For years, Classy Cut built its reputation being in the business of quality diamonds and jewellery. Our focus on precision and following the highest quality standards have helped us earn the goodwill we enjoy.

From sourcing rough diamonds from authentic suppliers from all over the world, recutting and polishing them in various sizes to finally bringing to our customers pieces that can be treasured and cherished for years to come makes Classy Cut a trusted partner.

3D technology

Our emphasis on adopting the best technology helps you choose the jewellery you can be sure looks best on you. With AI and CAD-rendering images, you can get the perfect view before you make your purchase. Our 360-view makes online jewellery purchase an experience that is fun and closest to shopping in physical stores.

Free gift

We value our customers. At Classy Cut, we take delight in the fact that you choose us over the other options you may have to make your jewellery purchase. For this very reason, we show our gratitude with a token of appreciation on every purchase of yours.