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Q1: Help me know a diamond better.

Buying loose diamonds or any diamond jewellery needs to be done carefully. You do not want to end up buying something that is of inferior quality. Hence, it is important to understand a diamond’s anatomy.

The ‘table’ is the gemstone’s largest facet. The top of a diamond that extends from its girdle to the table is called the ‘crown’. The ‘girdle’ that determines the diamond’s circumference is where the crown and the pavilion intersect. ‘Pavilion’ is the bottom of a diamond that extends from its girdle to ‘culet’, the facet at the gemstone’s tip. The ‘depth’ or the height of a gemstone is measured from its culet to table.

Q2: What are the four Cs I need to keep in mind when buying diamonds?

When you’re looking to buy loose diamonds, solitaire diamonds or any diamond jewellery, you must note the four Cs – the cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. These are crucial characteristics to ensure your purchase is authentic, pure and valuable.

When it comes to cut, clarity, colour and fluorescence, at Classy Cut, we offer a wide range between good to the very best. Classy Cut makes it easy for you to choose from the variety of diamonds we offer. On the grading scale, we place the diamonds rating them from good, better to the very best. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the D to N in colour, I1 to IF in clarity and D to N in colour (as per the internationally accepted diamond grading scales).

Q3: What is a diamond carat and why is it important?

Before you understand in detail what a diamond carat is, know with carat, it is the diamond’s weight that is being talked about and not size.

Here’s some trivia. Carat, as a term, finds its roots in ancient times when precious metals and stones were weighed against the carob tree seeds that were thought to be even in weight. At the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measures, it was decided that one diamond carat would equal 200 mg or 0.2 grams of a diamond. One also measures carats in points - a carat equals 100 points.

When buying jewellery with Classy Cut or any other jeweller of your choice, remember to consider the cut of the diamonds when you compare their carat weights. If the cut is poor, a diamond with a higher carat weight may appear smaller than one that is well-cut but is of a lower carat.

While you might believe that it is the carat that impacts a diamond’s price the most, know that it is actually the cut that is the most crucial factor. So, when you buy jewellery or loose diamonds, keep in mind that a bigger diamond might not always be the better buy. The four Cs - cut, colour, clarity and carat - must be considered together when buying jewellery.

Q4: What are some important things I should know about diamond carat?

The following tips about carat will help you greatly when buying jewellery or loose diamonds:

  • Always focus on the cut more than the carat. It is what gives the diamond the sparkle. If the cut is poor, even a higher carat and quality will not help the diamond look anything but dull.

  • Looking to save money? The carat weight to go for is a little below the whole and half-carat marks. Choosing a 1.90 carat over a 2.00 carat can save you a decent sum.

  • Always keep the size in mind when buying a diamond wedding or engagement ring. Remember, the diamond will always look larger on small fingers.

  • Fancy-shaped diamonds tend to be less expensive than a round diamond of similar carat weight. Shapes can also make a diamond look larger than its actual carat weight size.

Q5: What is a diamond’s cut? How does it matter?

It is simple! The cut of a diamond determines if its dimensions are proportioned properly. The cut allows the many surfaces (facets) of a diamond to sparkle. A proper cut significantly adds to the beauty and price of a diamond.

The best cut grade for you will depend on your budget.

At Classy Cut, you can always be assured of the finest quality and hence, we do not sell diamonds of low-cut grades. When buying jewellery with us, Classy Cut encourages you to choose diamonds of the best quality.

Do note that ‘diamond cut’ and ‘diamond shape’ refer to different things. A cut that is made up of factors like proportion, polish and symmetry. The shape, on the other hand, is about the diamond’s outline that could be round or non-round.

A well-cut diamond is characterised by brilliance (a reflection of white light), fire (the light’s dispersion into rainbow colours) and scintillation or the sparkle.

Q6: What are some of the most popular diamond cuts?

By far, the most popular diamond cut, the round diamond is characterised by its 58 facets. This cut has, for years, been the most popular choice for its brilliance and fire. Note that most brilliance in a round diamond are seen in the higher quality grades.

Round Brilliant Cut
By far, the most popular diamond cut, the round diamond is characterised by its 58 facets. This cut has, for years, been the most popular choice for its brilliance and fire. Note that most brilliance in a round diamond are seen in the higher quality grades.

Princess Cut
As elegant as its name, the princess cut gives the diamond the much attractive style and grace. This delicate cut comes in square and rectangular shapes with the former being more popular. The cut gives the diamond its exceptional brilliance and the colour emitted is dazzling too. It is noteworthy that the colour of other diamonds can be seen in the centre; in princess cut diamonds though, the unique colour is displayed in each corner of the diamond as well.

Emerald Cut
This unique rectangular step-cut gives a special optical appearance to the diamond. The emerald cut is a classic vintage one and offers an old-school charm that is loved by many. The cut highlights the diamond’s clarity with its large rectangular table.

Cushion Cut
Also popularly known as the ‘pillow cut’, the cushion cut diamond gets its name from its pillow-like shape. Characterised by its clarity and dazzling brilliance, which come from the round corners and large facets, cushion cut diamonds are offered in square and rectangular shapes. One of the cuts much in vogue, they make for the perfect choice for diamond wedding rings.

Radiant Cut
The trimmed corners of a radiant diamond are a coming together of the emerald cut and a round diamond’s brilliance. Combine some of the best-known diamond cuts and the sparkle of the radiant diamond will be mesmerising.

Marquise Cut
This cut that emphasises the diamond’s size is perfect to maximise carat weight. A unique shape gives a long and slender look to a wearer’s hand and fingers. Make sure you remember that when choosing a diamond engagement ring or a wedding ring.

Pear-shaped Cut
The teardrop-shape of the pear cut is a combination of the round and marquise cuts. Offering a soft and delicate look, this cut is also a popular choice for diamond wedding rings. The brilliance in this diamond cut is exceptional.

Asscher Cut
A modern take on the emerald cut, this cut is characterised by its sparkle and the square shape. Want a vintage look with a contemporary flair to your diamond? This cut should be your choice. Once a rage in the early 1900s, the asscher cut has regained popularity, particularly among celebs.

Oval Cut
Yet another contemporary twist to a classic look, the oval cut finds favour in any type of jewellery. A diamond engagement ring would look gorgeous with an oval cut diamond that makes the wearer’s finger look longer and slender. It offers a brilliance similar to round brilliant cut diamonds.

Heart-shaped Cut
True to its name, this one is an obvious choice among those romantic at heart. In a solitaire setting that further accentuates the shape of the heart cut diamond, it could be an ideal choice for a diamond wedding ring.

Q7: How important is the diamond colour?

One cannot emphasise enough how important a factor the diamond colour is when buying loose diamonds or diamond jewellery. The colour scale by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the industry standard that begins at D and goes on till Z.

The colour of the diamond directly impacts its price. Lesser the hue, greater the value of a diamond. The purest and perfect diamond will have no hue and hence, will be more valuable. On the GIA colour scale, the D-F grade range is such colourless diamonds with an icy look that are of the highest quality and the rarest. Within the G-J grade range, one will find the near-colourless diamonds while the K grade with a faint hue is a budget pick.

Here’s a pro-tip. As the grade moves towards Z, the hue becomes faint, very light to light and thereby, the value and price decreases.

Q8: What diamond colour should I choose?

Eventually, it depends on your budget. As stated above, the colourless diamond, in the D to F grade range, is the rarest and most expensive. The near-colourless grade is also very popular depending on the budget and the choice of cut.

Q9: What are naturally-coloured diamonds?

It is not always that colourless diamonds are the most valuable. Naturally-coloured diamonds are even rarer. Only one in 10,000 diamonds have natural colour; a more intense natural colour, rarer and more valuable the diamond gets. When buying a coloured diamond, criteria like clarity and cuts become less important. They are popular simply for the exclusivity factor.

We Care

Q1: When you choose Classy Cut?

We understand you’re purchasing something precious that you intend to treasure for life. We take utmost care to handover your purchase safely packed.

Your purchased jewels and jewellery are securely wrapped by us. Every piece is cleaned with high-steam water so it shines bright. Our handcrafted boxes are eco-friendly and layered for safety. What’s more? It’s anti-tarnish too.

or delivery, we partner with only trusted and leading logistics companies like FedEx and UPS.

Included in your Classy Cut Box:

  • Invoice and proof of purchase
  • Quality assurance from Classy Cut
  • An anti-tarnish cloth
  • Soft foam
  • Certificate of authenticity from GIA/IGI/HRD or similar certifying body
  • Safe box for storage

Important Instructions for Customers:

  • Always request signature on delivery.
  • Check the details carefully on your Classy Cut box.
  • We do not offer warranty or separate packaging for any complimentary gifts.
  • A tracking link will only be emailed to you for security purpose.

Q2: Is buying jewellery online safe?

To buy jewelleryonline might make you a bit wary. We understand. While purchasing expensive jewellery sets, loose diamonds, bangles, bracelets etc. from just another online shopping website might seem risky. Hence, if you are sceptical about buying jewellery online, trusting a reputed brand will be a good idea.

Classy Cut, for instance, is a trusted brand in the realm of jewellery for decades. Whether you are looking for exclusive platinum jewellery, solitaire diamonds, diamond wedding rings or a variety of uniquely designed jewellery, Classy Cut is your one-stop shop. No more rushing to a jewellery/gold shop near you. From the comfort of your home, you can buy jewellery online from Classy Cut.

Our jewellery is of the highest quality while diamonds are certified from reputed third party institutions like Gemological Institute of America, HRD, International Gemological Institute and European Gemological Laboratory. At Classy Cut, we have also taken every effort to ensure your online transactions are secure and encrypted. This way, you can be assured that the jewellery you buy is of the best quality while your online transactions are completely safe.

Q3: Can I buy quality jewellery without seeing and touching it in person?

Like any high-ticket purchase, we understand, you might want to see and touch a piece of jewellery in a physical store before you choose the right one to own. To buy jewellery, undoubtedly, is an emotional decision. That said, in the current times, buying jewellery online is not just convenient but safe too. Furthermore, it is also cost-effective. India is the largest diamond cutting and polishing centre in the world and with the industry being ably supported by the government, buying diamonds from an Indian source like Classy Cut will prove to be economical.

With Classy Cut, you can browse through a variety of jewellery sets, rare and precision-cut loose diamonds, customise your choice of jewellery and so much more on the website. Make your purchase decision only after you are completely satisfied. And with our assurance of high-quality customer service, you can be assured, your experience of buying jewellery online will be an excellent one.

Q4: What is the most important criterion when considering a jewellery purchase?

You buy jewellery to make you feel special. When you wear that precious emerald necklace you bought, you know you have something unique on you that immediately reflects on the way you feel. When you buy jewellery, oneof the key factors in your mind is quality. And the quality of jewellery sets come from the purity of the jewels and materials used. Jewellery sets of inferior quality might be easy to buy but eventually, what shines forever is a rare, pure and valuable piece of jewellery you choose.

Trust Classy Cut to offer you jewellery pieces of the highest quality. Our loose diamonds, solitaire diamonds are of the highest carats and when it is gold you are buying from us, we offer you the purest Carat. Quality when it comes to jewellery is not something you should compromise on. We, at Classy Cut, don’t either.

With our quality assurance comes the promise of value. When you buy from Classy Cut, know you own a piece of jewellery that is going to last long and offer you the best return on your investment in the future. After all, many of us also buy jewellery as an asset to hold on to.

Among other important aspects to consider is design. A uniquely designed jewellery set will always stand out and garner attention. We offer you that. Our designs are a unique blend of what’s in vogue as well as the best of traditional and ancient ones. What’s more? We design jewellery that you can wear in different ways; so, you can use the same piece of jewellery differently each time and yet look unique.

Q5: What if my skin is sensitive to metal?

Skin-types vary from one person to another and it is not uncommon for people to be sensitive or allergic to certain metals. Does that mean such a person cannot buy jewellery for herself/himself? Absolutely not!

Be sure to consult a medical expert if you suspect your skin would react to a particular metal. It is then best avoided when choosing buying jewellery. Pick a metal that will suit your skin best. For instance, cobalt is hypoallergenic. It is one of the best choices for people with sensitive skin.

Especially when you’re shopping for wedding rings or engagement rings, ensure you are aware of how sensitive your partner’s skin is. Accordingly, choose the metal. After all, these are symbols of love you will treasure for a lifetime. Similarly, when buying bridal jewellery, do the necessary checks before placing your order with us for customisable jewellery.

Q6: What are some of the popular metals used in jewellery?

As much as the choice when buying jewellery depends on your preference, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to know about some of the popular choices that go into making exquisite jewellery sets. While gold jewellery traditionally remains a popular choice, especially in bridal jewellery, there are several more options at Classy Cut when it comes to precious metals.

With our exclusive jewellery design, be it gold, platinum, silver or any other metal, Classy Cut promises to spoil you for choice. Once you have picked the metal of your choice, Classy Cut gives you the option of customisablejewellery with designs that are a unique blend of ancient and modern and crafted to perfection.

Q7: What makes gold such a popular metal for jewellery sets?

Gold, for ages, has been the preferred precious metal for bridal jewellery and other jewellery sets. The yellow metal provides an instant assurance of value and endurance. Among all precious metals, gold is most malleable and is strong. It hence becomes an instant choice forcustomisablejewellery. The fact that it is resistant to corrosion and rust makes it even more popular.

At Classy Cut, you will find one of the widest varieties of gold jewellery and jewellery sets. If you are out looking to buy bridal jewelleryor anycustomisablejewellery, you can trust Classy Cut, one of the most respected and reputed jewellery makers in India.

Q8: How wide are my options for silver jewellery with Classy Cut?

Simply said, very wide! At Classy Cut, we use premium quality sterling silver in all of our silver jewellery sets and accessories. Choose from an extensive catalogue of unique designs to pick a unique pair of silver bangles, for instance. And don’t just stop at bangles. Earrings, rings, bracelets etc., we have it all for you.

Q9: Does Classy Cut also offer platinum jewellery?

We do! Platinum is fast becoming one of the most popular precious metals, especially for engagement rings and wedding rings. The natural white sheen that doesn’t fade or lose colour highlights the diamond’s sparkle. Enduring and long-lasting as a metal, it becomes a natural choice of metal to symbolise love that is precious and forever.

Q10: What are some other metals to consider?

Among other precious metals you could choose are Tungsten carbide, cobalt and tantalum. These metals are extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. Cobalt, for instance, is several times harder than platinum and not as dense. While the former quality makes it highly resistant to corrosion and scratches, the latter makes it malleable allowing it to be an excellent choice for customisablejewellery that looks unique and is lightweight.


Q1: How do I measure the ring finger?

Classy Cut’ accurate ring size guides will help you find the best-fitting ring. Take a look at the ring size chart below:

In case you want to measure your finger at home, please follow the steps below:

  • Take a string or paper and wrap it around the base of your ring finger
  • Use a pen to mark the point where the ends meet
  • Measure the pen marks with a ruler (use the mm measurement)
  • Use the measurement and find the closest ring size closest on our ring size guide

Q2: What should you keep in mind while measuring your ring finger?

To begin with, remember that a diamond ring that is too loose or tight will be uncomfortable. The perfect ring should fit your finger comfortably without shaking but should slide off with relative ease.

Whether you are measuring your finger at the jewellery store or at home, do ensure you repeat check 3-4 times before deciding on the most accurate size.

In case you’re planning to surprise your partner with an engagement ring, make sure their family members or friends help you figure out the perfect diamond ring size.

At Classy Cut, any resizing of rings will be done at no extra charge. However, if there is additional material (precious stones, gold etc.) or labour required, charges will be levied accordingly.

You can download our ring size guide here.

Q3: How do I go about buying an engagement ring?

Buying an engagement ring for your significant other might just be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. It is important that you spend enough time researching the kind of diamond ring you want to take home. Classy Cut can help you buy a ring that will fit your budget and will make your partner happy!

Q4: What is the best budget for an engagement ring?

This completely depends on you, and the kind of diamond ring you are looking for. A good starting point is deciding on the ring style and on a budget that works comfortably for you. Narrowing down on both will make it easier for you to get the best diamond for the engagement ring.

Q5: What kind of ring should you buy?

Whether you are choosing this ring for yourself or on behalf of your partner, it is important to know the kind of ring styles, diamonds and metals available that will come together for the perfect ring. Make sure you explore Classy Cut’ collection before deciding on the final ring design. We will be happy to answer all your questions before you make the big purchase!

Q6: How do you find the perfect diamond?

The perfect diamond matches your budget, engagement ring style and the metal you choose, perfectly. The experts at Classy Cut are always ready to help you pick the perfect diamond ring for your big moment! For us, it is always about helping you find the right value for your diamonds.

Q7: How do you decide the metal for an engagement ring?

Choosing the metal that works for your diamond engagement ring is based on your budget and personal preferences. Whether you decide to go for gold, platinum or silver, it is important to remember that each metal has different properties and benefits. Classy Cut’ ‘Metal Education Guide’ can help you understand the difference between each.

Q8: How do you find the perfect fit for your engagement ring?

Classy Cut will help you find the perfect fit, thanks to our size guides and ring sizing kits. Rest assured, you will go home with the perfectly fitting engagement ring. Visit our ‘Ring Size Guide’ for more.

Q9: How are men's wedding rings different from women's?

The primary differences between men’s wedding rings and women’s wedding rings is the size and the design. Women’s rings’ sizes typically range from 5 to 7, while men’s rings are a size 10 on an average.

In terms of the design, men’s rings are usually thicker and wider, and are less flashy. The stones, too, tend to be bigger. In fact, a significant number of men wear just a plain gold, silver or platinum band without any stones. In contrast, women’s wedding rings tend to be more delicate and intricate. It is also common for a couple to have complementary wedding rings; rings with similar designs that seem a part of a set.

Q10: What are some of the popular metals used in wedding rings?

Gold, silver and platinum are the most popular metals for wedding rings, for men and women, both. However, there are several other metals such as titanium, zirconium, tungsten and steel as well that are used to make beautiful wedding rings. The final ring completely depends on the budget and the personal preferences of the buyer. Do have a look at Classy Cut’ ‘Metal Education Guide’ to understand the different kinds of metals.

Q11: Are engagement rings different from wedding rings?

An engagement ring is typically given to a partner as a part of a marriage proposal. Typically, it is flashier than the wedding ring. In fact, the latter can be a simple band – either plain or with a few stones set in – signifying an everlasting bond of love between two people.

Q12: Are diamonds a necessary inclusion in wedding rings?

Your wedding ring can be based completely on your budget and personal preferences. Having said that, engagement rings typically tend to have a diamond set in a metal of your choice, while it is customary for wedding rings to have no gemstones at all. Hence, engagement rings tend to be more expensive than wedding rings. Classy Cut can completely customise the wedding rings as per the bride and groom’s wishes.

Q13: What are the other popular precious stones that can be used in a wedding ring?

Apart from diamonds, there are several other precious gemstones that make for wonderful wedding rings. Stones like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topazes, among others can be used for your dream ring.