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Who Is Classy Cut

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For decades, Classy Cut has built its equity by:

  • Sourcing the best quality rough diamonds
  • Setting up several re-cutting industries in rural areas helping smaller towns develop
  • Establishing a family-like relationship with our customers who have in turn placed their trust in us recommending Classy Cut to others
  • Participating in renowned international exhibitions bringing the best of designs from the world over

Our Reputation

We believe in building associations that are long-term and mutual beneficial. Our strength lies in our deep understanding of the customer’s needs. Turning our customers’ dreams into reality with our products has helped us establish a trusted connect with them.

Our relationship with the customer does not end with a purchase. We have ensured constant support by providing them with value creation on their jewellery investments through several buyback schemes as well.

The operations of Classy Cut are as transparent as they can get. Whether it is metal quality, diamond authenticity, certified jewellery, we share every detail with our valued customers. Our expertise comes from our strong sense of design and trends. Classy Cut lays a lot of emphasis on the same and the resultant impact on our customers shows in the trust they place in our products and services